You Take Me on a Journey // College Orientation


Yesterday evening, I returned home from my college orientation. While I was there, I met new people from all sorts of different places. I registered for the first classes of my college career and survived (barely). Almost everyone I met asked me the same questions about myself and I supplied them with the same answers every time. There was some good cafeteria food and some not-so-good cafeteria food.  I got a glimpse of dorm life, I sat through various sessions, and I was given A LOT of information. A LOT. And as I walked into the chapel at the end of the day, I was feeling overwhelmed as I realized that this is it.

But then, together as one, we worshiped God.

Hands were raised high. Voices were lifted up to Jesus. Peace that surpasses all understanding collided with our overwhelmed hearts and consumed us. His perfect love cast out all fear in that room in those moments. And I was reminded that God has placed me at this particular school for His glory and for my good.

All of the months leading up to these beginnings were challenging, but the moments I got to spend worshipping Jesus alongside my new classmates reminded me that Christ is writing my story. The words to a song by United Pursuit come to my mind when I think about all that God has done for me and continues to do, “From head to the heart You take me on a journey of letting go and getting lost in You.” He is taking me on a glorious journey. He brought me to a school that I firmly believe will root me deeper in His Truth.

I can’t say that I completely surrendered my dreams over to Christ at the beginning of this process, because it was definitely closer to the end. But I can say that He was patient and faithful toward me. God placed my head and my heart in the same place. He aligned my desires with His. And while I may still feel a little anxious, I am so excited to be guided along this journey of letting go and getting lost in Jesus.

I fully believe that His plans are better than anything we could ever dream up and I encourage You to seek Him first. Let us let go of our worries, fears, selfishness, or whatever is hindering us in our relationship with Jesus and get lost in Him together.

With love,


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