Shifting Seasons: A Time to See God’s Goodness

Today I woke up to a crisp morning. Autumn is still present amongst the colored leaves but the air is developing that cool winter chill. Sunbeams were bursting through the window in my room and I knew it was going to be a beautiful day. I went outside, sat on my back porch, and began to realize how glorious shifting seasons are. Not only autumn to winter, but during this season of my life, I can feel the Lord at work.

As a senior in high school, I constantly find myself busy. I also find myself a little anxious about the future, wondering where God will take me. Yet as I sat outside and witnessed the gentle transition that God created to exist between seasons, I realized that the same God who created seasons has the power to gently lead me to wherever He wants me during the next season of my life. He will not thrust me into this new season alone, He will take me by the hand and remain by my side. He will never leave me. He will never forsake me. He will work through my weaknesses, while displaying His power.

But this is not just a new season for me, this can be a new season for Christ followers everywhere. My prayer is that, as the seasons shift, God will awaken the hearts of every believer, so that a generation will rise up to praise the Lord.

So enter changing seasons and enter Jesus. Ask Him to fill our hearts with the love of Christ and His peace that transcends all understanding. Let us worry less and trust Him more and be filled with the hope that comes from His Gospel. Let us gaze upon the beauty of His creation and the beauty of life with Him.

I am excited to see where the Lord leads me from here. Join with me in praying that a season of revival will break out amongst believers, who will visibly shine for Him just as the autumn leaves slip off the branches, visibly proclaiming the arrival of a new season.




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