Restore The Joy of Salvation

I was reading Psalm 51 in my Bible the other day and there was a specific verse that caught my eye. Verse 12 says,Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. And I started wondering, how often do I fail to rejoice in the salvation God has given me? How often do I chase after my own desires when Christ has already satisfied my heart with the joy that flows from Him? The simple answer is: too often.

As I was reading this verse, it suddenly became my prayer. “Oh Lord, restore to me the joy of your salvation.” And when a passage from Scripture becomes a prayer, IT IS POWERFUL. A few days have come and gone since this became my prayer, and let me tell you, the joy is being renewed! God is working in my heart and truly restoring to me the joy that has quietly been slipping away from my grasp. He is steadying my wandering heart and filling it with satisfaction and joy.

So let us always praise God for the unearthly joy that fills our hearts because of Salvation. And let us NOT shove it to the side as we chase other things, expecting it to be there for our convenience whenever we decide we want it back. Joy in Christ is continuous, never-ending, but when we fail to seek Christ above all else, we are replacing this perfect joy with our own version of imperfect joy.

Joy is given to us freely from our Savior. It is like a lighthouse; breaking through the darkness and filling us with light. Today I choose joy.

Lord, restore to us our joy in You.

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