Praising God & Disciple Now Weekend

I praise God because of His continuous faithfulness. I praise Him for His consistency, that He never changes. I praise Him all the more for His constant state of perfection as I glimpse the imperfection and inabilities of humanity. I praise Him because He is the Healer and Savior of my heart and of my soul. I praise Him because He is the author of my life and His Words are flawless. I praise Him for His power that reigns through my weaknesses and surpasses my understanding. As well as for His peace, which leaves me in a state of awe. I praise God because He is worthy of praise. 

Recently, I attended my last disciple now weekend. If you’re unfamiliar with disciple now, it is basically a weekend for middle and high school students to spend worshipping God, serving others, and having a good time of fellowship with each other. If you knew me personally, then you would know that this weekend is one of my absolute favorites! And although I’m sad that it has come and gone so quickly, this weekend was outstanding!

During DNOW, God revealed to me an area I have been lacking in: praise. I pray to God, I sing songs to God, I spend time with God, but I needed (and still do need) to praise God more. How many times do we focus more on telling God our problems than we spend praising God for who He is. He doesn’t have to do something miraculous to earn our praise, His existence deserves our praise. God is good despite our circumstances. He doesn’t change like we do and He doesn’t do anything wrong. All His ways are perfect. Even when He allows challenges to enter into our lives, His ways are still perfect.

So let us shift our focus off ourselves for just a moment and praise God. I praise God for His faithfulness, His goodness, His mercy, His grace, and His love. I praise Him for the beauty of His creation. I praise Him for sunshine after rain and hope after doubt. I praise God because He is God.



P.S. I’m most likely going to devote an entire post to dnow weekend, so be on the lookout for that!


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