Our Time Is Now


Contained. Closed off. Boxed in. Trapped. Shameful. Unloved. Alone. His light incapable of shining through us.

These are the lies the enemy shouts into the ears of Christ-followers. The enemy tries to contain us. He tries to box us up and snuff out the Light. He fills our minds with lies in an attempt to keep God’s voice on mute. He tries to separate us from God’s Truth. He tries to keep us from reading the Bible, God’s voice of Truth, because when we don’t know the Voice of Truth, we’re going to believe Satan’s lies.

But no longer.

It is time to listen to the Voice of Truth. It’s time for the lies of the enemy to fall on ears so in tune with God’s voice that they’re incapable of hearing falsehoods. It’s time to fall on our knees in prayer. It’s time to open the Bible and learn about life-giving Truth. It’s time to submit to God and resist the devil, that in Jesus’ name the enemy will flee from you. It’s time to embrace who we are in Christ.

Oftentimes we go through life with the idea that sometime in the future we will be better. Maybe sometime later in life we will feel equipped, more prepared, less insecure, or less afraid. Or maybe when we have more free time we’ll be able to devote more time to God. We don’t embrace who we could be in Christ because we convince ourselves that we have all the time in the world. Or maybe we don’t embrace who we could be in Christ because we tell ourselves we’re not good enough, not strong enough, and not capable enough in the present moment.

But we’re forgetting one very important truth: it’s not about how equipped we feel, it’s not about the insecurities we claim, it’s not about how much time we think we have to give. In fact, it’s not about us at all. It’s all about our God.

On our own we are not good enough, we are not strong enough, and we are not capable enough. On our own, we don’t make time for Jesus. On our own, we are selfish and belong to the sinful nature. But when we choose to surrender all to Jesus, we are set free. When we give our lives to Him, it’s not about how much time we can squeeze in for Him because He becomes our life and every moment is treated as His, not ours. When we surrender all to Him, we are made into a new creation and our identity isn’t found in ourselves, it’s found in who God is. God is good enough, strong enough, and capable enough. It is by His goodness that we are covered in the righteousness of Jesus. He is strong when we are weak. His power is made perfect in our weaknesses. And He is capable to do immeasurably more than all we can even think to ask or try to imagine. He is our Savior. And it’s all about Him.

Salvation is not about who we are, but about who our God is. 

It’s only because of Christ that we are set free, released from bondage, rescued, redeemed, washed whiter than snow, made worthy, and equipped with every good thing we need. He tramples the lies of the enemy and fills our ears with His Truth.

But He gives us a new identity for a reason. He fills us with His Spirit to equip us for His purpose.

We are blessed to bless others. We are set a part to glorify His name. We are filled to fill others. We are chosen to make a difference. We are aglow with His glory in order to shine His light before men. We have been given time in order to make the most of every opportunity. Our fears are drowned in His perfect love so that we may fearlessly go wherever He sends. We are set free from the sinful nature in order to glorify the One who set us free. We are given His light to be a light to all men.

He fully equips us. He gives us His spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. He calls us to go and make disciples of all nations.

It’s time to stop listening to the lies of the enemy. It’s time to stop waiting for the “perfect” moment to kneel at His feet. It’s time to stop waiting for the “perfect” opportunity to share God’s love. Now is the time to embrace who we are in Christ. Now is the time to arise and glorify His name in every moment. Now is the time to bless, to make a difference, to shine His light, to spread His love. Now is the time of God’s favor. Now is the day of salvation. Eternity doesn’t start in the far off distance. Eternity starts today. Our time is now.

“The enemy is under Your feet. We are free. We are free.” -Hillsong Worship

Shout out to my sweet friend, Emma, who spoke the Truth that inspired this blog post. Watch her video here.

With love,



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