Oh, What a Priceless Gift…

Friendship is a gift from God. It is to be valued and treasured. It doesn’t spring up in a day or grow by itself, it must be planted and watered so that it may continue to grow. A healthy friendship is constantly growing.

There are many kinds of friendship. Some last, some don’t. But how blessed I am by the ones that endure through everything. I have come to learn there is an amount of hard work that must go into every friendship. But I could put my hardest work into my friendships and never see them grow if Christ is not the foundation.

The foundation is the base on which the structure rests. It sets up and establishes how successful the ultimate destination will be. In this case, the destination is for a beautiful friendship.

As I have seen my friendships with my best friends turn from being us-centered to Christ-centered, a whole new way of seeing situations has developed in our friendships. I remember the moment in each of my most valued friendships that changed our entire relationship. It was when we sat down and really discussed our walks with the Lord, these conversations changed my life. Each conversation began by talking about our problems, but the change happened when we started talking about our Savior. It was as if, in that moment, a whole new friendship was formed.

For the first time, I could talk about everything and know that I had a friend who would not only listen and help me but pray for me. This changed me from being closed off and quiet about my faith to openly and boldly talking about my Savior. It gave me the ability to grow deeper in my walk with the Lord and in my relationship with these sweet friends.

I have had my share of relationships that lasted for a time, but since the foundation wasn’t Christ, these relationships were broken. Now my friendships are placed on a firm and enduring structure, Christ.

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