I Shall Not Want

“When I taste Your goodness, I shall not want.” -Audrey Assad 

I shall not want. I shall not want because He is enough. I shall not want because my God supplies all of my needs. I shall not want because satisfaction is only found in Him.

Lately, I have been so focussed on myself that I have forgotten He is enough. I have even become so determined to follow Him and to become more like Him that, at times, I have lost sight of His unattainable goodness. I want this or that prayer request answered so badly that I have ceased to praise Him despite whatever my circumstances may be. I have become so distracted with what I want that I have forgotten to thank Him for what I have. But no more.

Psalm 23:1 says that, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” 

Psalm 23 is one of the most well known chapters in the Bible, yet I feel like this verse is often overlooked. Do you realize how much Truth is found within these few words? Since God is our shepherd we shall not want. We lack nothing.

Yes, it’s true that we most always want something. And maybe some of these things are things that we actually need. But have you taken the time this week to thank God for what you have? You may not have your dream job. You may not be attending your dream school. You may not be as healthy as you would like to be. You may feel like your life is too hard or too challenging or too boring or too sorrowful. But do you realize that all of these things will not satisfy? You may one day gain your dream job. You may get accepted into your dream school. You may regain your health. You may feel like life gets easier. But let me tell you what: none of these things will ever give you a satisfying and purposeful life.

Only Jesus can.

So let us press on. Let us continue to walk along the path that God has placed us on. Let us stand firm in our faith. Let us believe that the Lord will continue the good work He began in us. Let us never cease to praise Him. Let us ask Him to fill our hearts with contentment in whatever situations He places us in. And let us remember that as long as the Lord is our shepherd, we lack no good thing.


*Side note: I have been enjoying this song by Audrey Assad, which goes along perfectly with what the Lord has been revealing to me.

With love,


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