Following, Fears, and Trust

Recently, the Lord has been teaching me about what is means to really follow Him. He reminded me that it’s not something I should do every once in a while, but always, continually. Because I cannot be a half-hearted follower. 

I have devoted myself to Him. This means all the joys of following Him as well as whatever trials I might come into contact with. And as I recently noticed how much of my life needs to change in order to be completely devoted to Him, I began to worry and get scared. It will call for dramatic changes.  

Quickly, I began to let fear take hold of me. 

But God was not going to let me stay in that fear. HE took hold of me and whispered JOY. Because joy is found in following Him. Joy is found in suffering for His sake, because this suffering leads to Him. It teaches me to rely on Him and find shelter in His love. 

And instantly, He led me to Acts 4:29, “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” As I read these words, they became my prayer. A prayer to enable me to conquer fear and to look past the threats the world might throw at me. This verse is my comfort. 

Every Christ follower has experienced fear and had to overcome it in order to follow Him. I have not completely overcome my fears, but I know that someday I will. Because Christ is always successful and my fears are in His hands. He knew my fear before He chose me and had the answer before I found the problem. 

I will trust Him. I will follow Him. He will conquer my fears.


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