5 Ways to Saturate Your Life With Scripture

Saturate your life with Scripture

Surrounding yourself with Scripture (aka God’s Word) is vital for Believers. And throughout my time as a Christ-Follower, I have found simple, but effective ways to do this.

I highly HIGHLY encourage all followers of Christ to be intentional about memorizing and meditating on Scripture. After all, the Word of God is living and active and it is one of our most powerful weapons against the attacks of the enemy.

But sadly, it’s easy to forget the power of God’s Word if we’re not actually reading God’s Word. So of course, the absolute best way to saturate your life with Scripture is to read God’s Word on a regular basis.

This post is for those of you who long to go even deeper. It’s for those of you who want to incorporate even more Scripture into your lives.

So whether you want to memorize more Scripture or meditate on more Scripture or just fill your heart and mind with more Scripture, this post is for you!

Today, I’m sharing 5 practical ways you can saturate your life with God’s Word.

So here we go.

1. Verse Cards

Verse cards are one of my favorite ways to saturate my life with scripture. All you have to do is choose a couple verses you either want to memorize or meditate on and write them down on some note cards. Then, the options are limitless. You can tape them on your bathroom mirror. You can attach them to a key ring and put them in your backpack or in your car. You can use them as bookmarks in your textbooks or whatever books you’re reading. You can put them on your fridge. Whatever works best for you! Just place them wherever you know you will see them.

2. Bible App “Verse of the Day”

Another way I have been trying to saturate my life with scripture is through the YouVersion Bible App on my phone. You can set up the app so you get a notification each day for the verse of the day (I like to set mine to 7am so it’s the first thing I see when I turn off my alarm). Sometimes, I try to memorize the verses. And even if I don’t quite memorize them, I go to my Bible app at multiple points during the day and meditate on the verses, even if just for a moment. I challenge you to do the same. Memorizing scripture is life-changing! I can absolutely testify to this!

3. Music

You might be asking how music can saturate your life with Scripture. Well I’m glad you asked! There are multiple artists out there who sing straight up Scripture. Take Shane & Shane’s Psalms album, for example. I really enjoy this album because they sing the psalms, so it actually enables me to hear the Word of God in song! You can purchase Shane & Shane’s Psalms album here. Whether it’s this album or another, I encourage you to find Scripture-saturated songs and listen to them as you get ready in the morning or as you head off to work!

4. Scripture-Saturated Devotionals

Okay, so there are A LOT of devotionals out there. But if you want to saturate your life with Scripture, I personally recommend devotionals packed full of (you guessed it) Scripture. In my opinion, the more of God’s Word, the better! Here are a couple of my favorite Scripture-saturated devotionals:

Praying God’s Word Day by Day (Beth Moore)

This is an amazing devotional that I read through in 2017. Ask my friends, I highly recommend it. I’ve even gifted it to two of my best friends because I want everyone to read it! I love how Beth Moore compiles Scripture verses together into prayer-form. Praying Scripture is one of my absolute favorite ways to pray (and if y’all would like a post about praying Scripture, I would love to write a post about it). Each devotional is short but powerful!

Daily Light: Morning and Evening Devotional (Thomas Nelson)

This is the devotional I’m currently reading through. I’m only half-way through the year, but I know that this one will be a favorite for many years to come! I love how this is not only a morning devotional. There are two different sections each day so you can start and end your day with Scripture. Each devotion is solely Scripture, which I really love! Verses with similar Truths are grouped together and it’s beautiful to read how the Word of God all comes together in perfect unity and harmony!

5. Jewelry

This one may sound a little strange to you, but hear me out. I wear the same piece of jewelry every day: a necklace with “John 3:30” inscribed on it. I received the necklace as a gift a couple years ago. Every time I feel my necklace or catch a glimpse of it, I’m reminded of the words to my favorite verse, “He must become greater; I must become less.” And it’s actually really humbling because this piece of jewelry is so simple, yet powerful because it daily reminds me to make sure I’m exalting God wherever I am. So if you’re a jewelry person, I highly encourage you to get a necklace with your favorite Bible verse inscribed on it. This is also a great way to share the Gospel with other people! I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me about the verse on my necklace. I don’t think that question will ever get old!

So yes, it might sound strange that jewelry can help saturate your life with Scripture, but I’m just sharing my honest tips on how the Lord has saturated my own life with His beautiful Word.

I hope you have found these tips helpful! God’s Word is truly powerful and life-changing! Feel free to comment your own tips in the comments below!

Saturate Your Life With Scripture

Saturate your life with Scripture

5 Ways to Saturate Your Life With Scripture


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